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1 - Is it the mod Direct X 11 compatible?
Yes, the mod is fully Directx 11 compatible, and there are no console erroros.
The mod has been tested and errors have been corrected to reach the best graphic performances.
2 - Why the mod is so heavy?!
The base mod is larger than 300mb. It’s a heavy mod, compared to other truck mods.
This beacuse almost every single 3d model has been created using 3dsmax hi-poly to release a good quality mod.
Moreover, many of the interior, exterior textures and skins are in 2K and 4K quality.
Interior textures were created basing on pictures taken from real Iveco Turbostar trucks, I personally took thousands of pictures of plastic parts, textures, leather parts, bolts of the truck, then they were converted to high quality textures.
Some textures are larger than 10MB, and the mod itself has hundreds of textures, resulting in a heavy mod archive.
Anyhow, the mod has been tested and optimized to reach the best fps results, and it should be a just a little heavier than a standard scs truck.
3 - I've selected a skin, now I want to change the engine, but doesn't work!
The mod contains different models all in one mod. Some skins are available only for certain engines (ex: 190-42 or fridge box skins) and when one tries to change engine or chassis, a warning message appears and engine can’t be changed.
This is not an error but a mod feature, to avoid the improper use of a certain model skin on another.
To restore the engine choiche, just change the skin with a standard one such as
red or metallic color and the engine selection comes back to normal.
The following video shows how to correctly select the skins:
(English Subtitles available)
4 - What is Real Fuller Mod?

Real Fuller mod is an optional mod which improves realism and reproduce the Eaton Fuller gearboxes behavior of the Turbostar series.
The Fuller Shifter, instead of ZF, was a non-synchronized gearbox.
This means that to engage gears, “double clutch” or gear floating was necessary.
This feature can be reproduced in Eurotruck Simulator 2 with the console command
“g_hshifter_synchronized” set to “0”.
In the REAL FULLER mod, a 2 crawls shifter version has been reproduced, and a REAL FULLER shifter layout that can be downloaded in the “Download” section.
The following video shows the correct procedure to enable and use the shifter.
This feature can be fully reproduced only with a steering wheel with clutch pedal and h shifter.
5 - What is Sisl Pack?
It’s a mod that makes the truck compatible with” Sisl’s Mega Pack which adds many interior accessories to all the trucks.